Mastiff Cleanliness


English Mastiffs do not require a lot of grooming.  Brushing once a week is adequate, perhaps more often as they blow out their winter coat.  Ears should be wiped down with a quality ear wash and cotton ball on a monthly basis.  Teeth stay clean by feeding premium food and avoiding table scraps.  Nails can be trimmed as needed.

Although Mastiffs don't shed alot, they do shed some. If you do not like pet hair on your furniture, please don't allow puppies on it from day one.  It is unfair to expect your dog to stay off the couch when you let him on it while he was little. 

Bathing can be accomplished at home.  They aren't very graceful, so put a wet towel on the bottom of the tub to keep them from slipping (and to catch excess hair before it hits the drain). Use a very mild shampoo, avoid the eyes and inner ears (their tear ducts don't work like ours, so you need to avoid soap burning them and the inner ear canal goes on forever, making them more prone to yeast infections). Rinse well to prevent the skin from drying out and becoming flaky.  Brushing before you bathe keeps excess hair out of the bottom of the tub.  My suggestion is to start this process EARLY on as...

Convincing your dog that the bath is pleasant when they're 40 lbs. really helps once they're over 200 lbs. ;o)

Many people ask about drool.  YES…true English Mastiffs drool, but only when you're tempting them with treats, they're stressed, or if they are really hot.  With the size of those huge jowls, English Mastiffs tend to carry their last drink of water with them for a good foot or more, leaving a trail of it as they go.  They also tend to carry the last bits of their food in those jowls, depositing it all over you when they try to give you a kiss for feeding them.  If the idea of those things totally grosses you out, an English Mastiff probably isn’t for you. Hand towels help, as does semi-gloss paint (makes clean up a heck of a lot easier!) 

**If you haven't seen the warning about "no-drool or dry-mouth" mastiffs on the "mastiffs as pets" page, please do go back and read it.  I'd much rather have a loving giant who drools than an aggressive giant who could do irreperable harm.

Depending on the mastiff, they may also snore.  The bigger the mastiff, the louder the snore (a 250 lb. snorer ALWAYS sounds louder than a 130 lb. snorer!)  Voltaire almost ALWAYS gets kicked out of the bedroom at night.  That boy can REALLY saw some logs!  (to hear this for yourself, please visit the very bottom of the temperment page and click on the surround sound video :o)




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