Puppy Adoption Questionnaire

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Are you considering a male or a female English Mastiff? *
Are you looking for full or limited registration (we rarely provide full registration)
Do you have a color preference for your English Mastiff (fawn, apricot, brindle, reverse brindle)? *
Are you a previous English Mastiff owner? *
Do you rent or own your current residence? *
Do you currently have other pets? *
If you currently have other pets, please list the species/breed, ages, gender and personality type of those pets.
Please provide your veterinary reference (name and phone number)
Are there children in the home? If so, please list the ages. *
Have you ever participated in formalized training with a pet? *
Who will provide the training and socialization of your mastiff? How would you describe this person's personality (ie: assertive, domineering, a big softy)? *
Where will the pup spend most of its day, and where will the pup sleep at night? *
Have you ever lost, given away, or had to euthanize a pet? If so, please describe the circumstances (this question is not meant to upset you, but to give us a better idea of your background with animals). *
Have you read our puppy contract? *
Are there any questions WE can answer for you?

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