Upcoming Litters


How we assign our litters:

Puppy choice is made at 6 weeks, in order of the holds/deposits we have received.  This gives other waiting families the opportunity to choose their pup, and to come visit and bond with them in the weeks prior to go home.  Pups go home at 8 weeks, after they have been vet checked, vet vaccinated and microchipped. We charge $125.00 per week to hold your pup longer than 8 weeks, and we will not hold the pup beyond 10 weeks. This is the only fair and equitable way we've found to accomodate the varying needs of our adoptive families.  Between 6 and 8 weeks, we encourage our nearby families to come bond with their puppy, to make the transition to their new home a bit easier. 

If you are interested in one of our breedings, please contact us to place your hold/deposit as pups are often spoken for before the breeding takes place. The adoption questionnaire (link is found in the menu to the right) will begin the adoption process. Our puppies are 2,500. Pick of the litter boy/girl is an additional 500. We reserve the right to deny a puppy adoption at any time prior to pick up (deposit will be refunded in that case). This has only happened once in all these years, however it warrants mentioning.  A hold on an unconfirmed litter is $100 and is refundable if she does not take.  A deposit on a confirmed pregnancy is $500 (400 if you already have a hold in), with another $500 due at 3 weeks and at again at 6 weeks of age.  The balance is due in cash or money order when you take your baby home at 8 weeks.



Guinevere x Voltaire - Breeding Via Implant on 3/13/15
Petunia x Rollo - Spring, 2015.
Matilda x Orson Wells - Spring 2015




More Photos and Videos of the crew are available on our facebook page. 







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